California Law Allows Renters to Report Mold to their City’s Code Enforcement

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Mold Advice & Tips

In 2016, California legislators passed Senate Bill 655 which makes visible mold growth a dangerous health condition and substandard housing under the state’s Health and Safety Code (Cal. Health & Safety Code §17920.3).

Below is a list of contact information for the local agencies in the state to contact for enforcement.

Renters can now report their landlords to local (city or county) code enforcement inspectors who are required by law to repair the substandard condition.

Please keep in mind that your city is also required by law to investigate and enforce Cal. Health & Safety Code §17920.3.

However, the facts are that many cities and code enforcement employees are not educated about this law, so please be patient with them

But do not take no for an answer, or I do not know this law from a city or county employee because they need to enforce it regardless.

The best thing to do is politely educate them and let them know that you are not going away until your landlord’s mold crime is investigated and remediated properly as required by state law.

If they do not help or refuse to act, I would then go to the code enforcement employees, their supervisor or the mayor’s office to ask why they are not enforcing a law that is putting yours and your family’s lives at risk.

Here is a link to a database from the California Department of Public Health that lists local agencies to contact for enforcement.

You can search first for your city and if it is not listed or you are in an unincorporated area, search for your county.


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